Friday, February 25, 2011

The Bag

I know I'm not talking about latest fashion,
but would you agree not to talk about the 2.55 Chanel bag anymore just beacause it's not the latest fashion?
Well, I think you all answered no (hopefully :) )
I literally couldn't resist to dedicate her a post:
             The Alexa Bag by Mulberry.

 As you know, Mulberry renewed the trend to take as an ispiration a celebrity, in this case the english style icon Alexa Chung, who won as the Best Dressed of 2009.

The Alexa look very ehm.."comfy" , casual, chic and, moreover, it'll give a vintage look to your outfit, if you're a fan of the style! but I honestly think that this will work just for the neutral colours..
It's a versatile bag: you can easily wear her with different outfits as Alexa Chung herself shows

Just a pinch of "history": 
The Alexa Bag is the result of this equation: Bayswater + Elkington (both by Mulberry of course) (seems more math actually)

Taking a step back to my earlier comparison between the Alexa and the 2.55 Chanel bag, it wasn't totally out of purpose, infact the Alexa has already become a cake as the famous Chanel bag: 

Edible or not edible? 
For my pocket, edible would be the choice, as the Alexa's not that affordable: 506£ for the mini one and 766£ for the big one (you can check it out on Mulberry Official Site ).
You can easily find brands/shops that propose bags similar to Alexa, but with a lower price. 

Have your say about this bag :)



  1. Hey girl! I would love you follow your blog, its very cute. I personaly really like those bags, they seem to be everywhere now, luckily i got one last year in spring before they were to popular.

  2. You are right you can find similar bags at lower price. I don't understand people's obsession with brands, the design of the bag should matter the most not the name of the designer.
    I saw many wonderful bags at 1 dollar for example.
    Back to Alexa, she can rock the bag like no other. I love her style.
    Sure, let's follow each other. Thank you for suggesting it.

  3. Hi Peach!

    It would be great to follow each others blogs, yours is lovely! I love your use of inspirational images for how to wear things, I will definitely take some tips from this.

    Keep blogging!
    Hatty xx

  4. thanks for the lovely comment - I love these bags - I have one from Topshop but the small ones - I want to add a larger one to my collect!


  5. i like the brown version, it's very versatile, as u said.. but i don't think i'll ever buy it, yeah it's quite expensive even it's a pretty basic bag..

  6. I love all of these bags so so much!


  7. The bag is timeless really. It's deep brown and vintage looking. It's the perfect size. I could never tire of it :)

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

    my appreciativeness for you~
    love amy ^.^

  8. yes of course , i'd love to :)

    i love that bag so much :D

  9. The Alexa bag is on my wishlist for the summer!
    I love the bag!

    With love, Samm

  10. hey thanks for following ! & ahhh I love these types of bags so much.


  11. I love the Alexa design wise but it’s way out of my budget - I'm not all that sad as I don't really care about brands and I can find a similar one that I can actually afford.

  12. Love this bag!!! you have a nice blog!
    I follow you!!

  13. This post is amazing, jsut like your blog. New follower here, do hope you're gonna follow back.

  14. You're right, the Alexa bag is still cool even though it's become a bit "old".
    It's my dream bag!! So beautiful, xx

  15. hi! love the blog and the bag!

  16. loveeee the Chanel one!! Of course the alexa bag is perfection.

  17. Love the bag and I love Alexa Chung!


  18. I loooveee the alexa bag, seriously!
    they are amazing!

    im am following you back :)

  19. Love these bags!

    pls visit and follow my blog on

  20. love the bag and the cake! great blog!


  21. These bags are super cute! I love the color! I'm following you now hope you follow back :)

  22. The alexa is so pretty, but a little pricey.

  23. I have a black Bayswater- I was going to get an Alexa but was totally put off by the copies that are in EVERY store. I'm not sure how high street brands can get away with ripping off gorgeous bags like this so blatantly.

  24. Really like your blog...

    nice bag..thanks

    Please visit my blog if you wish..


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