Wednesday, February 23, 2011

If it's Kate Middleton wearing, it's immediately a trend

It was their time to shine.
For Kate Middleton, the moment when the world would adknowledge her as the future Queen, and for the designer Daniella Issa Helayel, whose dress had been chosen by Kate for the announcement of her engagement to Prince William.

The "Kate effect" had its consequences.
The Daniella Issa Helayel show, at the London Fashion Week,was totally in the international spotlight. 
An incredible crowd was desperate to see the new collection by the brazilian designer,now one of the most talked-about fashion names in the world.

I have to say: amazing job Daniella! Not just for the lovely collection she worked on:

but also for what she said: "It's easier to make things that look amazing on models than on normal human beings, I design for real women."


  1. Kate is so beautiful and stylish. I'm so pleased Will chose her as his bride! I think this blue dress is the first of MANY Kate inspirations to fashion designers. ;)

  2. Lovely quote and stunning collection :) Such a nice post as well! <3 xxx

  3. love the bold colours x


  4. i love the last dress..i'm really agree that Kate is so stunning..Lady Diana look a like :)

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  5. belli tutti questi colori... bello il tuo blog!

  6. Love this!
    and ya sure i followed!!

  7. her collection is really nice, she follows the color blocking trend that I love.
    Those dresses looks super comfy don't you think?
    follow me ill follow you back :)

  8. lovely collection. really cool colors

  9. her collection is really nice *_*

  10. i love the quote.
    nice collection, anyway! :)

  11. they are a beautiful couple!
    your blog is full of useful and inspiring things:)
    keep it up!

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  12. Kate Middleton is the fresh air that the Royal family needs to bring life back into them! I am eagerly looking forward to their wedding. Hell, I may even go to London to catch a glimpse! Your blog is great, and I love your fashion sense. Follow each other?

  13. Lovely collection! I'm following, I hope you follow me too! xx


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