Sunday, February 20, 2011

Welcome ♥

Hi everyone :)
This is my first post, in my very first blog (pretty anxious actually), so excuse me as I'm just getting  to know how it all works here, I thought I would try a post out to see how it looks like :)

I am an italian girl, pretty fond of everything concerning the UK, so I decided to get myself a blog to write about fashion, recipes, news  about UK (and probably about me occasionally :) ).

That's all for now, 


  1. Ciaoooo =)
    sono contenta che hai aperto il blog :D

    bacio <3

  2. thanks for your reaction! you have a nice blog. i follow you hihi! kisses

  3. Hello my British loving friend!

    Found your blog via Modern Milly. I have a give-away on my blog for some lovely goodies I would love you to enter. A care package from the UK could be on its way to you soon including UK ELLE magazine monthly!!



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