Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Heart

Hey lovelies,
after a long and tiring day (had that football match I told you about in the last post, and concluding that cheerleading would not defenitely be my future), watching "Bones" on tv, drinking a nice and warm cup of tea and blogging is what I needed to have a little brain-rest.
So this is a quite quick view about what I started to focus on/liking this month:

Kate Middleton and Prince William:

I know I'm starting to seem obsessed about this lovely couple, but I really do appreciate everything they do. I mean,from watching this video you can clearly see how strong they are bond together, and she never seems to feel out of place, always smiling and doing everything she's supposed to, even if it's not particularly princess-y, like tossing pancakes! They're just such a splendid couple, like a nice fairy tale :)

Ginger Hair
I dyed once again my hair red (I will regret it, trying to cover it with my natural super dark blonde colour :) ), like these two lovely ladies:

Butter cookies with icing:
Finding some moments to bake, made me even more wanting cakes, biscuits, or any kind of sweet! I tried to bake really simple biscuits, but then, I decorated them with some nice royal icing and  edible beads!

Big Rings:
Spotted them on , they're both from Miss Selfridge. I know they're oversized, but I'm kind of a fan of them now! Colours are a bit summer-y, but with this horrible and cold weather going on, this is what I need to cheer me up!

That's all for now, 
have a nice week lovelies,
(all images are from Google Images, and the video from


  1. these rings are so beautiful. love your blog!
    hope you can check out mine.
    you're followed:)

  2. William & Kate are so cute together! <3

  3. I love Kate, but I also feel bad about the pressure she must be under. I think she's being considered as the solution to bring the Royal Family back up to status, and the next Lady Diana. That's a lot to live up to, lol. I do love her style and poise.

  4. I love those rings, I have a bit of a thing for statement rings at the moment! x

  5. just found your blog, love it! gorgeous rings X

  6. I hadn't seen that pancake tossing video, it's cute. I'm not too fussed about the Royal Wedding to be completely honest, but that's probably because I hear so much about it everyday! And those cakes look delicious. Thanks for the lovely comment too, glad you liked the painting. xxx

  7. Ooo I have ginger hair :D Love those rings they seel some nice ones in H&M too :) x

  8. Fabulous rings!I love them;)
    the biscuits looks deliciuous:))

  9. Oh okay sorry! I didn't mean it in a mean way i know some people just like copy and paste comments on everyones profile ya know?

  10. I got a blue ring similar to that green one from Boots believe it or not. It was like 5 pounds or something and I love it! I think they had other colors too... I'm always buying cocktail rings there and they're often 3 for 2!

  11. I love ginger hair and big rings!

  12. love big rings, your blog is very cool! wanna follow each other?


  13. I babe,nice blog,I'm now following u!Hope u wil follow me back!!

  14. They're both really pretty. I usually avoid pinks, but this one i would totally buy. I'm a new follower by the way :) Hope you follow back!

  15. those biscuits look delicious! Share the ginger love! :D ♥ing your blog post! All the best, Natasha from the Rambles and Shambles blog! x

  16. Cute blog! That pics want to make me dye my hair that colour, gorgeous girls. I can't get enough of rings too, they are my weakness :)

  17. I cannot get enough of big rings! they are so great.

  18. i'm also contemplating the ginger hair!
    i think it's just so pretty!


  19. im so happy for kate and the prince. im excited for their wedding.

  20. your blog is really cute!
    I love the rings!
    Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
    Thank you so much!

  21. WOW!! you're sooo creative!
    I love your blog:D
    I'm ssssooooooooo Following :P
    hope you return the favor.
    xoxoxoxo Prof Z

  22. Hi there!
    you have a brilliant blog, check out mine! the outfit!!!

  23. Okay, this is actually a bit weird.. xD I’ve been to London this week, where I visited the church where Will&Kate are going to marry ( it’s already so beautiful! ;D ) , I am a natural redhead, I baked cookies today (unfortunately without the frosting tho xD) , and in London I also bought a huge ring with a bird on it… How about coincidence?! oO Kinda scary :}
    I love the fact that you're from Italy! I like it so much , it's maybe even my favorite country. I like it more than Holland, that's for sure xD

    I'm definitely going to follow you. ;D And feel free to follow me too (:

    xxx <3

  24. Haha, yes, let's say it like that (: Twins (:
    And, when you come to Holland, make sure to visit the beaches in Zeeland, shop in Amsterdam, Breda (where I live nearby) and Rotterdam! (:
    Maybe we'll run into eachother, I mean, it's a small world ;D
    Or! When I'm going to visit Italy again in May ;D We'll be mainly in Volterra and places neardby, cause I adore Volterra (:
    In wich area do you live? ;D


  25. I love those rings!


  26. its amazing blog)
    i started to follow you
    it will be great if you follow me TOO

    much love

  27. Thankyou for following, yeah i'm following you too. OMG we have llloooooaaaadddssss of stuff in common it's actually kinda crazy how similar we both are. Love actually and about a boy are two of my fave films aswell:) Yeah the colin firth version is pretty awesome :P
    xoxox Prof Z

  28. thank-you for the comment my lovely,
    and for the facebook request :) awww thats so sweet of you! xxx

  29. The big rings are nice. Great blog.


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