Thursday, March 17, 2011

Adele and stuff

 Hey lovelies,
I know I haven't posted for a while, I'm such a bad blogger! 
I had a quite pleasant and busy week with uni works, uni lessons, hanging out with friends and stuff, and in the evening I was too tired to do anything!

Before saying anything, I'd like to send my thoughts to all people in Japan now. This disaster made me feel so lucky about my situation, I cannot really imagine how horrible it is going through this extremely difficult and hard moment. I know I can't do anything concretely to help them out, but I'm sure in our little we can all do something.

Then, today is the 150th anniversary from the birth of Italy, so everyone (or almost) here is really excited, and it actually is exciting to have the possibility to live this huge event, three-coloured flags everywhere, concerts, and finally to feel in the air some nice patriotism, or at least, feeling that Italy should be just one and united, as it's now, because it's how we are, and always have been: with our differences, dialects, different traditions that, paradoxically, make us unique. (I do not want to start any kind of political debate, this is just my opionion).

And, of course, Happy St. Patrick day! even though this post won't be particularly green or Irish, hope you have (or had since it's 7 pm) a nice St.Patrick Day! I'll celebrate it this night, hanging out with my lovely friends and going to pubs..It seems weird, but here, the Irish pubs we have, do celebrate this Day! :)

Recently I have re-discovered an english artist, Adele. 

Talking to Sarah, my english friend, to discover what's in now up there, she suggested me to listen to her, because she has an amazing voice and her songs are really nice. So I decided to give it a go, a listen to some songs of hers to see if she's all that.
And she actually is. I was amazed by the power of her voice, and some songs are just great. That pushed me to get a little informed about her.
I watched also some interviews, and she's actually really nice too. Wandering around the web, I also read that she has broken the record for the quickest album to sell 1 million copies between January and March.

From metrolyrics: Martin Talbot, from the Official Charts Company, said: "We are witnessing a real superstar in the making. "A million sales in six weeks for one album would be impressive enough but to have another album and two singles continuing to sell so strongly, plus heading both the Official Singles and Albums Charts simultaneously is truly exceptional."

So the girl actually has something!
Frivolous moment: let's focus on her style. I love it. that's all.

Gourgeous red hair, and, at last, some flat shoes!
 So I suggest everyone to have a listen to/ buy her new album, 21:

What's your opinion my dear bloggers?
have a nice week end,

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  1. We don't celebrate St.Patrick day here (Germany), but I'm sure the Irish pubs do. (But I rarely go to them.)
    Gotta love Adele :-) She's amazing & still haven't gotten tired of frequently listening to "Rolling in the Deep". While I also like her other songs, this one is my absolute favourite. Moreover I like that she doesn't look like everyone else. She has a special look, just like her music has a special vibe.

  2. I think she is wonderful and has amazing talent!
    My Lyfe ; My Story

  3. I live in the UK and Adele is massive at the moment, she wasnt that popular to start with but her new album is amazing! xx

  4. She has such an a phenomonal voice! xx

  5. really cute blog :D I hope u like mine,I have just started it,but I will start to publish posts as soon as possible <3

  6. she is lovely.

    check out my blog and follow me on twitter @zebraandmeerkat x

  7. which is your favourite song by adele? any tips? :) I have just heard some of her songs,and I love them :D

    Follow each other,beautiful?

  8. We ADORE her!! We always have done...But 21 is so beautiful it gives us goosebumps.

    We're now following you- please follow us back! :)

    T & J


  9. What an amazing blog!
    I'm following you, follow back?

  10. Ooh thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog! It really brought a smile to my face (: It was also proud of those pictures, and felt really good about them, but hearing it from others is also so lovely ;D And yeah, I adore my ring too, everybody asks where I bought it, and then I say proudly; 'London!' And then they go; 'Aawh! Now I can't buy it!' I think I like that the most, me as one of the few people in Holland having it, haha! xD And about that clock, I love it too (: And I saw that you had the same one on your header! They look so much alike! xD My dad wouldn't give me his one (probably because that was a real real one, and quite expensive, tssssk, such a baby xD), so I searched for ages for another (CHEAP) one, and I was so happy they hung on every corner in London! ;D
    And I know Adele! Here in Holland she's a big deal, because almost everybody loves her (: But come on, I mean, who doesn't xD
    And was that Italy day fun? I wish I would've been there ): I love Italy ;3

    xxx <3

  11. I've been listening to Adele for ages, and she is amazing. So talented! I love her gorgeous red locks too :)

    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva
    Day By Diva

  12. thanks for your comment and for follow me
    of course that I follow you too, your blog is great :)

  13. Oh thank beautiful <3 I follow you too dear <3

  14. I've lit a candle for Japan..
    And yes, we have to consider of how lucky we are.
    Happy 150th annivesary!!
    And I love Adele, her songs are so powerfull..
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  15. this album is fantastic :)
    a great voice!
    like your blog!

    xoxo K.

  16. awh I love Adele so so much, a beautiful face and voice. I wish hurry spotify would hurry up and put her new album up.

    Helen, X

  17. Adele is amazing, end of story :) All the best, Natasha from the Rambles and Shambles blog

  18. i love adele. I've seen her twice in concert and have listened to 21 since I got it.


  19. Adele <3
    I've got her new cd! ( Adele 21)
    love her songs !


  20. I like her and her music :)
    Nice blog :)


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