Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome Spring

Hey lovelies,
today I really felt that Spring has now arrived. as we enjoyed a nice, warm and sunny day, a perfect spring day actuall. That's good for my mood, as I think I'm a kind of a sensitive-to-weather person, and today I felt happy, euphoric and cheerful, yay!
Seeing all those trees blooming, nice and soft colours everywhere is absolutely relaxing, isn't it?

All of this sweetness all around, made me associate spring with one of my favourite person ever, a woman with the greatest heart ever: Lady Diana.

Everything has already been told, said, chatted, gossiped, but I just wanted to point out how great, sweet, beautiful she was, the fresh air British Monarchy needed, a woman with a strengh enviable, and with a perfect style!

Fresh and flawless look, always trying to smile even in difficult situation, she looks perfect in every single photo and in each outfit (let's all say a huge thank you to her stylists too, don't forget Versace for example, in whose dress she looks more than stunning).

But dispite her amazing style, she wasn't just a style icon for every women of the 90's and a source of inspiration for stylists (don't forget the Lady D Dior bag, even if it has had success only recently, probably a bit too showy for 1995, but now it's literally a success), she's a woman who didn't just limited herself sayings wonderful things, but she actually did wonderful things for those who needed.

I know a lot of question marks hasd been left, and there's only a little tiny possibility to solve them (probably not even that), and we can't conseder her as a saint, because I didn't know her personally nor the environment she was living in, but I just want to keep her in mind as an example of sweetness, humbleness, kindness and strenght :)

Goodnight lovelies,
hope you'll have lovely spring days,


  1. Lady Diana was a legacy in herself. I can't help but think of her when ever I read about Prince William's upcoming nuptuals. In fact, I pretty sure I will be one of the thousands spectators on the street that day hoping to catch a glimpse of the new royal couple.

  2. Whoaaaa, I love Lady Diana, she's so adorable and sweet :):)i love her classy style...

  3. What a wonderful post, such a fitting tribute to a wonderful woman. I, too, have been thinking about her a lot lately and I will never ever forget the morning we woke up and heard the news she'd died.

    The lady had true class.

  4. una magnifica donna.icona di stile. quando si dice "il sangue non fa la nobiltà" . era nobile d'animo e lo dimostra il fatto che dopo tutti questi anni il suo ricordo è vivo più che mai.
    bel post :)
    xoxo K.

  5. Peach, you're really too kind! You always put a huge smile on my face when you commented once again, really, I think you're so lovely! ;D
    And you're quite fond of the English Royals, aren't you, haha x] But, I can't blame you, I also have a weakness for it, can't wait for the royal marriage coming up (:
    They hope that Kate'll be the 'new Diana', but I highly doubt it xD Diana was, like you described wonderful in your post, one of the most inspiring women of all time, she was just human, and she showed that also allot, that she was just like any other of us, and that we could all do just what she did. And I think that I like that most about her, haha (:
    And once again, thank you so much for the comment <3

    xx (:

  6. What an amazing lady!!!
    Lovely blog...I follow you from now!
    Come to my blog just to take a look, and became a follower too if you like it a little bit ;-)

    kisses Valentina

  7. Love lady diana, his style was so perfect!!

    xoxo from Spain!

  8. Love Lady Di! and the Dior`s bag too.

  9. love these pictures, she's beautiful. x

  10. This post is so inspirational. Diana was so beautiful and lovely. it's so nice of you to do this post <3

  11. I love diana style, her style was so cute, simply perfet!!!

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