Friday, May 27, 2011

it's royal.

Hey lovelies,
As promised here it goes the famous- and-sooo-late post about the Royal Wedding.
It’s almost a month ago, but it’s always a good excuse for me to talk about it !

So, I read right about the dress of the Bride: the amazing dress Kate was wearing was designed by Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton:

The world let out a collective gasp as she walked out the hotel.
Too simple? Too similar to Grace Kelly’s one?
I don’t know, but all I can say is that she looked absolutely GORGEOUS in that dress: she was radiant, and looked like a real-fairy-tale princess (and of course William was absolutely a perfect Prince, even if everyone knows that I have a thing for his younger ginger brother instead)

Long sleeve and lace, deep V-neck , waist cinching  bodice and voluminous gown to show off her amazing figure, Kate was absolutely dressed appropriately for her special day!
But honestly, I loved the dress she chose for the evening: by Sarah Burton too.A strapless satin gown featured a sweetheart neckline, circle skirt, and an embellished waistband. The new Duchess of Cambridge paired the dress with a cropped white mohair cardigan. STUNNING.

And don’t forget the day after: she was radiant, again, with a beautiful blue dress that rumors said to be from Zara.

The next girl immediately under the spotlight was her sister Pippa Middleton:

Personally I didn’t go crazy for her dress, she looked very nice and simple of course, as a bridesmaid should.
But apparently everyone went crazy for her: on face book you could count hundreds of groups about her and her, let say it straight, b side (lucky she!).

I can’t exclude myself from not mentioning one of the guest there, with her notice-worthy husband: I’m talking about Vic Beck.

Far far far far away from what she was like in her ‘spice girls glorious time’, high heels, a lovely super dark blue dress and  a remarkable hat she was there. Oh! She’s pregnant, again! (Pregnancies and weddings are totally my weak point, so it was a nice combo actually J) but she looked lovely and perfect (even though I would never dress in almost-black for a wedding, but SHE is the fashion lady, not me..)

I’m sorry but the worst dressed prize goes to the Sisters: Beatrice and Eugenie didn’t go for their best outfit I suppose, but probably it’s all hats’ fault. Something less showing off would have been more appreciated I think.
But the colours were great: I’m a fan of bright colours for  weddings. It’s a day of celebration and happiness, even your dress should shout out the joy!
Apparently even the Queen  agrees: 

All the images here are from Google Images.
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  1. I loved the royal wedding! Watched it all morning then went to a royal-wedding themed party ! :D such a great day, kate looks beautiful.

    Love your blog! :D

  2. Yes it's a bit late but it was the wedding of the year (and not only).of course the wedding dress was the hot topic of this ceremony ;)lovely blog.i am following you.follow back if u want :)

  3. Grazie per il commento lasciato sul mio blog...
    Bellissimo il tuo, adoro anche io L'inghilterra... e il matrimonio di William e Kate è stato un vero sogno!

    T i seguo qui e anche su twitter.

  4. I didn't intend to watch the wedding, but then I had nothing else to do & turned on the TV - & got totally sucked into it *lol*
    Kate looked absolutely stunning! The dress was gorgeous & so was she. I love that it was simple & elegant, it was simply perfect IMO. I also enjyoed seeing Harry, he's such a charming guy :-D
    Pippa...well, I don't really get why everyone seems to get crazy about her! Sure, she didn't look bad, but Kate is so much prettier than her.

  5. I love the fact the Queen was so colourful and there were some fantastic twitter comments about it, and of course Kate's dress was beautiful and her evening dress was lovely too. I did like Pippa's dress too. xxx

  6. thanks so much for your comment! (:
    Your post is lovely! Of course they all looked gorgeous!!

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  7. Kate looked gorgeous all the way through, I watched most of it with my friend until the kiss, then we had to go meet another friend!! I love her after dress, and the day after dress too!!
    I personally don't see the big thing about Pippa Middleton? And her bum!? The little bridesmaids were such cuties though!

    Thank you so much for the comment and follow on my blog (and twitter!) I am glad other people know about Tea Tree and its wonders!! I am not tooo worried about the smell, but I am probably used to it!

    Kitty xo

  8. so great to see some pictures of THE wedding again!! I absolutely loved the royal wedding, and I did a big fat post about it too - if you're interested, this one:
    very cute blog!!


  9. Great post, I adore Kate's dress!


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