Saturday, June 25, 2011

Saturday inspiration

Hey lovely bloggers,
here we go with my current source of inspiration: Fearne Cotton.

She has a really nice and original look: I particularly appreciate the grungy-bohemian
touch she adds to every outfit, making not extremely special pieces looking great. 
It looks like she has thrown on the first thing she found, but she always manage
to make the outfit looks classy and fashionable: the way she matches colours,
different pattern and materials is impressive, and even though she dresses quite casually,
she has never a boring style!  

So, what do you think lovelies? 
What's your current style inspiration? Have you got one? 
Let me know!
Goodnight and sweet dreams,


  1. I do love Fearne's style!

  2. It's unfair how amazing Fearne looks all the time! I love hers and Alexa Chungs style :)xxx

  3. Amazing style ;)
    Thanks for your visit!

  4. I adore her hair too! (:
    And the sweater she's wearing, I would like to rip it of, and wear it myself, hahaha! xD

    xx <3

  5. Love her look ♥

    She always has that easy going,
    comfy, and lazy days style that
    looks so cool on her ♥

  6. lovely blog :) x

    I'm having a giveaway on my blog, I'd love it if you took part-

  7. I've always thought that Fearne had a great sense of style. She has a bit of a rocky edge, which I love. At the moment I'm looking at a lot of Tokyo street fashion, they're so adventurous! xxx

  8. I love her style. Looks like modern grunge in a faminin way.

    Thx for your comment. If you like my pictures selection, you will also enjoy my Tumblr ;) I've just made the site because I discover in everyday virtual life so much magic, I have to hold it easily.

    xoxo, Masha

  9. It's 3am, so I'm a bit confused. Here the link:

    Now, good night world :P

  10. Hm, having to think about my inspiration really hard probably means I don't have one- I think I'm at the stage where everything and everyone inspires me! :)

  11. nice blog! just found it and now following =)

  12. Fern is pretty awesome!! I don't really have one specific icon, I just take ideas from every where!!

    I'd like to make a late thank you for the comment on my blog, I had a lovely time with my boyfriend and thank you for the exam luck!

    Kitty x

  13. I like the dark coloured striped jumper in the first photo!

  14. Love your outfits!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Follow youuuuuu <3

  15. Love the striped jumper! Loving style!


  16. nice post!
    I like it :)
    you can find me at

    & now on facebook! :)

    see you there!
    kisses! :)

  17. i loove her looks :) she really is inspiring :)

    i am following you now, hope you follow me too. that would be much appreciated :)
    keep in touch! thank you so much :)

  18. ei cara! mi piacciono molto le tue ispiration!
    ma certo che mi va di seguirci a vicenda! :)

    un bacio

  19. I love Fearne. She lives near me, but I have never seen her. I adore your blog so I will definitly come back to read more of your posts. I wish you lots of luck with it.

    All the best,

  20. love her look- wonderful! have a nice weekend! maren anita


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