Wednesday, July 13, 2011

July Wish-list

Hey lovelies,
since I'm terribly late for any 'what I am hearting this month/June favourites' I decided that a quick updating and a July wish list will do.

So, weather here is awfully hot, and I'm starting to being sick of that: I'm deeply looking forward to going back to England for some days to enjoy some fresh air and nice weather. I'm not made for hot climates.
But anyway, I should stop complaining about anything, and get started with my monthly wish list:

As soon as finish my exams I want to start the 365 photos challenge: practically you have to take one picture everyday for a year. I feel really inspired by this kind of challenge, as I want to improve as a photographer :)

I'm really into vintage stuff right now, so I want to buy something like a nice vintage purse/bag or a fifties style dress. Unfortunately here there are no charity shops, and vintage shops are quite expensive, so I have to get to a compromise between my wishes and my actual pocket situation :) 

Hair volume product by Herbal Essences: they're not very professional, I am totally aware of that, but it's summertime, and I haven't much time to dedicate to particular hair styling, so a good nice and simple hair product will perfectly work for me. 
Moreover, Herbal Essences products smell gorgeous: the volumizing one smells of peach (yay!) and pink coral. AMAZING!
Last thing:
Sea, nice weather, doing whatever I like without worring about exams, lessons or anything should be at the first place in my wish list!

and you? where are you going on holiday this year? 
are you going somewhere or are you enjoying the quiteness and calm of your city?

Tell me everything!

all images are from Google images and WeHeartIt


  1. Grazie per il tuo commento sei stata molto carina!!
    Assolutamente ti seguo anche io!!
    passa a trovarmi quando vuoi.. baciiii*

  2. i went to Turkey for two weeks! :D
    it was amazing!
    do you know, herbal essences is tested on animals! :(

  3. I didn't know that! That's awful! I have to change my wish list then, and I'm not buying them anymore! thanks for telling! :)

  4. im going to tenerife with my best friend, hopefully i get a good tan! <3 xx

  5. I looooooooooove your blog! Its lovely!
    Im following!

  6. yes, you can find more about it here :



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