Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday party

Hey my lovelies,
How are you? Are you enjoying the last bits of this wonderful summer?
I love the time of the year when summer fades and gently leaves place to autumn. It's still warm outside but not that suffocating hot!

Anyway, as I wrote in my last post, I tried to plan a 'Harry Potter' themed birthday party (it was mine and my friend's :)).
It wasn't an exact reproduction of the Great Hall or Hogwarts, as my living room doesn't lend itself properly to, but we managed to recreate the four houses badges and hang them on my walls, and my boyfriend invented a riddle that we wrote on a little piece of parchment and hang it on my entrance door: if you wanted to join us inside you had to be able to give the correct answer!

We were all dressed like Harry Potter's characters:

Neville and Hermione (that's me!)
Harry Potter in his Quidditch uniform

A muggle and Luna Lovegood(my sister :)) (ok, we know Luna's blonde!)

Professor Snape

Bellatrix Lestrange


Seamus Finnigan

We also tried to have an appropriate menu:
Butterbeer, meat pies, and:
Meat pies, muffin

Cauldron cakes

Themed cupcakes (golden snitch, deathly symbol (ehm, we had some kind of problem with that!) and a broomstick)
 My sister and I organized a 'Harry Potter quiz'
we wrote on little pieces of paper( that we previously put into coffee to make them look like parchment, and then burt the edges) harry potter related questions, and then we placed them into little goblets:

Ravenclaw uniform my sister made
Gryffindor uniform I made

we reached the toilet too

I received some lovely presents too:  the new package of Harry Potter and the Philospher stone with loads of extras, a nice t-shirt from H&M, Tendress-nail polish by Chanel and my lovely boyfriend gave me a KEEP CALM AND CARRY ON t-shirt and bag with a supernice card with a poem inside :)

Hope you'll all have a fanstastic week lovelies, 


  1. This looks so fantastic! Oh, I am SO jealous! Those Cauldren cakes look so adorable!!

  2. looks fab! :D Everything looks perfect! glad you had a nice birthday! :D

  3. wow it must to be a great party! I'm so jealous!:)

  4. I love the sign over the toilet, brilliant. The cakes look fantastic and so do all the costumes, it's a brilliant party idea. I love the parchment and the quiz idea too! xxx

  5. I have to agree, the sign above the toilet is by far the best. I'm so jealous, it looked like a brilliant night

    Ally xxx

  6. This looks like so much fun! glad you had a lovely birthday!
    Love the toilet sign!
    Natasha xxx

  7. So cool theme for a Bday party :))


  8. coolest thing EVER! looks like you had serious fun! Xx


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