Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Everyone’s cross to bears the crown they wear on endless holiday

hey lovelies,
just a quick catch up and apologies for being such a bad blogger recently: a month more or less since I last posted something here. too bad.

actually, I have plently of good excuses for that: I had one more exam to study for, then I went back to England, some sunbathing (I'm still whitly pale, not a single sign of a good tan this year) and now I'm preparing my birthday party stuff, since it's friday!

I'm quite excited, as I'm going to have a party with one of my friend (whose birthday is on friday too) and my geek-nerd side is totally getting the upper hand: harry potter theme! yay!

I'm going crazy trying to make my hogwarts uniform, wand and everything, and, I have to think about the menu too, since I'm going to have the party at my place: any idea is gold!

so, sorry again lovelies, thanks for being such lovely 200 followers :)
I'll promise you a proper post as soon as I can!

flat white is my obsession now!


  1. love starbucks coffee!!:)
    just found your blog and following now!kisses from prague
    if you have some time i will be very happy that you visit my blog:)

  2. Im glad you're back! I have missed you!
    A Harry Potter themed party sounds fantastic! Please let us see photos of your Hogwarts uniform?! :)
    Serve Butterbeer?! :)

  3. what a nice post :-) have a nice evening, maren

  4. how lovely! I didn't know you were an August lady too! Mine was on 16th so yesterday!
    Have a lovely birthday!
    From Natasha at The Rambles and Shambles blog.xxx

  5. Oh my! I would have commented on your wonderful blog earlier but only just found out how too, whoops! Any who, good luck for the exams and have a marvelous birthday (a harry potter theme sounds amazing)

    xx Carina

  6. I love the name of your blog, and the pretty rose design- stunning xx

    sweetness xx
    hope to hear from you*!

  7. hi, your blog design is great! the roses are lovely, hope your harry potter party went well I love fancy dress parties, sometimes getting ready for them is the best part of the party:) xox


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