Thursday, September 01, 2011

Alexa Chung for MadeWell

Hey lovelies,
how are you?
September has now arrived, and I'm so happy! :)
Today's the first, and if I had been an Hogwarts student, now I would be on my Hogwarts express, eating chocolate frogs and pumpking pasties.

Today I was checking my e-mail (I'm still waiting for my owl to arrive with my Pottermore letter -.-) and I got the Nylon monthly (or something like that) e-mail with an Alexa Chung pic for Madewell.

I had never heard about Madewell before this e-mail, but apparently they have quite good pieces, but the point of all this is the photoshoot Alexa made for Madewell.
She looks absolutely amazing in my opinion, but now I leave it to you:

I love the shirt in the first picture and her jumper too, really nice colour!



  1. I love Alexa Chung. She looks great in the video and the collection is so 'her'. My favourites are the leopard boots and the polka dot blouse at the end x

  2. I love Alexa Chung, great post. xxx

  3. Pretty blog ^^ I'm followed you, follow me too :)

  4. The photoshoot is amazing!
    Nice blog, darling <3 You know I follow you - are you happy, ne?

    Guess who is!

    ... well, I'm not anymore anonymus.
    Damn blogspot.


  5. nice post and blog !


  6. You have such a lovely blog, your sense of style is so elegant and sweet!
    I am having an adorable floral-print purse giveaway on my blog, just in time for spring! X

  7. That jumper is lovely. (:

    - Jaimie

  8. I Love that Jumper!

    please follow me and comment!
    thanks! xxxx

  9. I'd not heard of Madewell either but the clothes look lovely, and Alexa Chung is very pretty, she suits the clothes well. I wish I was a Hogwarts student too - chocolate frogs abound! xxx

  10. lovely video and i'm on pottermore too :) nice to meet you and loving your blog :)

  11. I love her looks, but I think the collection is too-overpriced!

    Missing Amsie Blog


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