Friday, October 07, 2011

Fashion Bloggers for women!

English Version
Goodmorning lovelies,
Probably this post will be outside of the ordinary nice and happy topics I write about, but I thought I had to.
I'll write this post both in italian and english because I'm involved into an initiative of Alessandra Casciaro from womanlifestyle, 'Fashion Bloggers for Women' against breast cancer.

As we all know, October is the breast cancer prevention month, a pathology that 'affects about one woman out of nine, with an increasing incidence but with a progressive decreasing mortality rate thanks to early diagnosis and targeted treatments. 
The current strategy for the further improvement of the prognosis is based on projects aimed at diagnosing the cancer earlier and earlier, at using more and more personalised treatments in order to cure the highest number of cases, at studying the genetics of the cancer to know in advance its sensibilty to medicines in order to choose the correct therapy for each patient' (from Fondazione Veronesi) .
Luckily, in 2011 breast cancer can be defeated, with early diagnosis. So, don't be shy, have a regular mammography, because we don't have to lower our guard!

With this post, I'd like to send a message to all women reading this:
Early diagnosis can save your life!

Versione italiana:
Buongiorno care,
Probabilmente questo post sarà un po diverso dai temi che tratto solitamente, ma dovevo assolutamente accettare l'invito di Alessandra Casciaro di Womanlifestyle: l'iniziativa 'Fashion Blogges for Women', contro il tumore al seno.
Come tutte sappiamo, Ottobre è il mese della prevenzione al tumore al seno, una patologia che 'colpisce circa una donna su nove, con un’incidenza in aumento ma un tasso di mortalità in progressiva diminuzione grazie alla diagnosi precoce e a terapie mirate. La strategia attuale per l’ulteriore miglioramento della prognosi si basa su progetti volti a diagnosticare il tumore sempre più precocemente, ad adottare terapie personalizzate in grado di guarire il massimo numero di casi, a studiare la genetica dei tumori per conoscerne in anticipo la sensibilità ai farmaci in modo da scegliere l’approccio corretto per ogni paziente' . (da Fondazione Veronesi) .
Fortunatamente nel 2011 possiamo sconfiggere il tumore al seno con la diagnosi precoce. Quindi, non abbiate paura, fate una mammografia con regolarità, non dobbiamo abbassare la guardia!

Con questo post, vorrei mandare un messaggio a tutte le donne che stanno leggendo:
La diagnosi precoce può salvarti la vita!


  1. Brilliant post Lucia, a great cause to write about too.

  2. Faithful post !!! My mum had it, I support all of these causes !!! love your blog and your inspiration !!! being follower now ! =)

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  3. Thanks for sharing and raising awareness! x

  4. I think that it is so important as well to be aware of breast cancer, no matter what age. And it is also great to see that the fashion industry every year plays a greater role at promoting awareness (that includes us bloggers!)

  5. Beautiful post - thank you for sharing and raising awareness :)

  6. well done for doing a post like this!


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  8. I agree, I've been putting off my smear for a while but finally booked it today.
    Love your blog header xxx

  9. I pretty go jealous because I wanted to learn how to speak Italian. lol. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing. That's really true, a lot of women die from breast cancer primarily because of late detection.

  10. Complimenti!

    Sono un tuo nuovo folllower , se ti piace il blog fai lo stesso :)

    Baci Andy

  11. I wrote a post about reducing risk of breast cancer on Tuesday. If you have time and feel like stopping by, you'll probably find it interesting. x

  12. Super lovely blog!


  13. it's such a great post and cause!
    sharing is caring

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  14. such an interesting post, great blog x

  15. It's great you're taking part in the campaign <3 It's a great cause


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  17. Wonderful post Peach! I am loving your new blog banner and new blog in general actually! It looks awesome, I've just about done mine now, it's not a massive difference, it was finding them time for the pictures in the banner amongst other things (including a house move for the third time this year! It's now as opposed to the old Rambles and Shambles.
    Looking forward to more of your posts!
    Natasha x

  18. great style example and I agree! they are definitely too skinny! (the olsen twins this is)

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  20. GREAT reminder for all us ladies!

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