Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Hello There.
I’m Lucia, a twentysomething engineering student who lives, quite happily, in the north of Italy but can often be found in the UK. 

‘Loose leaf’ is a little snippet of my life, with ramblings and thoughts. 

I am a Ravenclaw, bookworm, feminist, yogini, early bird.I love tea, crispy autumn mornings and porridge. Rainy days are my best days and I love snuggling on the sofa, with a blanket and a book (let's add I'm a grandma inside as well). I tend to overthink pretty much everything, and as a result I can barely make a decision. I am a ginger head, I sing to Oasis really badly. Each year from the 1st of December until Christmas I watch Love Actually. Oh, and I am obsessed with mugs and pretty china.

This blog is my attempt at boosting my creativity, photography skills, as well as a reason to practice my English. So, if you're reading this, bear with me, but do stay, read, or come back to my little corner, it means a lot!



  1. lovely!
    i like that you talk about yourself with honesty.


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