Friday, September 07, 2012

Friday Tea: #1

Blueberry Green Tea

Since I started, after my eat-all-the-candies-you-find trip to Spain, a sort of diet, and the weather is by my side,  I’m re-discovering the joy of a nice “cuppa”.
Well, it’s really a diet, but I’m just trying to eat better, more vegetables, fruit, and, even it’s just being so hard, avoid to eat, literally, packets of biscuits.

The doctor said I can drink as many cups of tea as I want, so the first thing I did, was storing as many different types of tea I could find in the supermarket, and now, I’m having fun trying them.
This week, the main character is Blueberry Tea.

This week passed unnoticed, even though I didn’t do anything in particular, but I love spending some time pampering myself with some good movie, good book, cup of tea, or, my all time favourite treat in winter, a cup of mint hot chocolate (just like the one my friend Sarah made me try last year, sided by a bunch of marshmallows, you won’t regret it).
Even this week’s attempt to plan a trip to the nearest Ikea has miserably failed, due to I don’t know what reason my parents pleaded. I’m starting to miss those Swedish meatballs (hell yes, that’s the main reason why I want to go there, furniture is nice, but not as much as the ‘eating corner’).

Well, now I really have to go and start packing as tomorrow my very first train trip to Modena is taking place. I’m pretty excited and I’m pretty curious to know what essential I will irreparably forget home.
I just realised I’m talking like I’m going to stay there for weeks, but it’s just a over night thing.  I really need to calm down.

Tea needed.


  1. I have to admit I'm not a big tea drinker, but maybe I'll like fruit flavoured ones :)


  2. this tea looks delicious!!


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