Wednesday, September 05, 2012


On Air: These Streets-Paolo Nutini

September is the month I like the most.
You can feel in the air the will of everyone to start again.
In September more things change than they do  in January.
You feel more committed, and I find myself, every year, every September, thinking about more resolutions than the new year’s eve’s.

Courtesy: Girls in a forest Aleria Stone on Flickr

Autumn starts again.
Light rain starts pouring again,
And you gradually find a place in your wardrobe for a jumper or two, your coat, and a long sleeved shirt.
No more flats, but it’s time to take out your boots again.

It’s the month in which kids starts school, and other starts University, or a new working experience.
Time for freshers to find a home, to make new friends, to start a new experience.
Workers go back to get up early and prepare to go to work.
Crowded streets, crowded buses, crowded places.

After a summer of great changes, I start again.
New life, new people in my life,
but same old friends,
hoping, of course, to always find new ones too.

 Courtesy: Girl next to train via Pinterest

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