Monday, September 17, 2012

Sunday In Bed #2

Well, that’s what I’ve hoping for, but then, again, it didn’t end up being like that.
I spent my day trying to finish to study, but it was so hard as I kept finding stupid but way more interesting stuff to do, although we could spend hours arguing about the meaning of ‘interesting’. Let’s put it this way: more interesting than.

It’s actually turning out to be a Monday in bed, bit of stomachache, bit of tiredness, bit of boredom and way too much greed of my left  unfinished season 4 of Lost and Doctor Who.
Since I saw that on BBC they’re broadcasting the brand new season 7, I desperately need to catch up so I can finally watch it on iPlayer. I would have to wait far too long for the Italian version, and my inner fangirl is screaming.

It’s 4.39 pm and the studying has already finished. Oh well.
I even tried to set up a nice and calming atmosphere with my lavender incense stick, as my mother said ‘Lavender has a relaxing power’ (??). Not working.  I even tried the vanilla one. But I end up craving for cakes. Then was the time to try to scare myself, writing the date on my calendar, trying to induce myself to realise that the exam is actually tomorrow morning. Not the slightest sign of anxiety. Oh well.

Might go and make a teapot of Earl Grey to fuel my attempts.

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  1. Exams... brrrr!
    Che studi di bello!
    Non mi azzardo a sfoderare il mio più-che-scolastico inglese, e quindi ti scrivo in italiano! :)


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