Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday In Bed #3

This weekend has been lovely. I went to a little trip to Florence with The Prince. We stayed there for two full days, we visited the city, walked by the river, ate absolutely good food and the finest wine ever.  He took me to the nicest restaurant I’ve ever been to for a sort of happy hour, a little place, candle lit, with just four wooden tables and handmade products lined on the shelves above our heads. Had bruschetta and wine, and then we finished the day having dinner in the restaurant next to it, run by the father of the owner of the first place we went to. It was lovely. It was the very end of holidays and the official end  of summer, so breezy and snug in my jumper.


Then I’m finishing my weekend enjoying the last bits of what I call the sweet taste of not doing. Tiding up my room, baking apple and cinnamon cupcakes to welcome Autumn properly, catching up with Doctor Who and a nice cup of tea will do today, since with this cloudy weather I just want to cuddle and snuggle in.


  1. Florence looks gorgeous! I'd love to go there, everything looks so tranquil in your photos too. Thank you for such a lovely comment on my blog last week! I've only just had chance to properly read through and reply to everything things have been so hectic, but I really appreciated it and I'm so flattered to be on your favourite reads list! I hope you're having a nice week lovely :)

    louisejoyb x


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