Saturday, March 02, 2013


My little brain has been in overload.
I have been keeping it all packed up with airplane's stuff and an incredible amount of creative baking ideas.
I didn't manage to come up with plans or clear ideas about what I want right now, but, luckily, I figured out that I what to graduate as soon as I can and as better as this attitude allows.
I have been pretty lazy and tired, so I took a day off and spent a day looking around and browsing through old stuff I thought I had forgotten inside my bedrom trunk.

I made some nice discoveries, like the old letter Tom Felton wrote me back to the one I sent him. I perfectly know that it's probably one of the pre-written ones, but my teenage self wants to stay in this state of illusion a little bit longer.

I have been reading some articles for my graduation dissertation, known as thesis. But I wasn't in the mood and far too disctracted by the lovely red bird hanging from my pencil (the result of my inner, ok not so inner as I like to admit, child coming out at the stationery store. That piece of cuteness costed me more than the notebook I bought.)

I painted my nails a shade of soft pink adding a touch of gold and silver sparkle. I have been wearing a lot my little owl ring.

I have indulged in pineapple cake, tea and chocolate mousse.

I am now curled up on the sofa, snuggled in my tartan blanket, watching Harry Potter and the Philosopher Stone on tv. But I'm going to give my wild saturday night a twist watching SATC2 when The Movie finishes.
I'm craving for another tiny slice of the cake Mother baked. She's the best.

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