Wednesday, July 31, 2013

end of an era

Graduation day came and went very vey quickly, marking the end of three intense, amazing, important years.
I felt like I needed to sit down and brood over my university experience with a nice cup of tea, despite the crazy hot weather going on outside.
So, cuppa in one hand and pictures taken over the three years in the other (and a scary amount of biscuits on the table - already gone by the time I took the picture) I re-viewed the university film in my mind. 
It has been a great adventure, and it couldn't have been so magical without the help of my fellow companions, who have turned out to be my second proper family. 
It has been like a journey interior of growth to me (ok, I might slow down a bit now....), since throughtout these three years loads of things have changed, I have, the people around me have, coming and going, and the way I look at the world has. Due to what I've been thaught by professors, due to an international and very open minded environment, or simply to the passing of time and what other can call just 'growing up'.
Looking back, and reading the pages of my diary referring to three years ago, I can spot all the differences, and I like that, but what I like more, is the fact that the people I made, and I'm making this journey with, are more or less the same, and the family is expading.

I learnt to be a bit more determined, more self confident, I've been taught to follow my dreams in terms of putting love and effort for anything I want to achieve and to embrace life grabbing all the opportunities I am offered. As they say, 'If life gives you lemons, make lemonade'. I also got to the conclusion that the little voice I hear casually in my head before taking any important decision, should be listened very carefully - no mental illness though!-

 I think I've grown up even on the sentimental side -how cheesy- learning that is better to feel ok with myself first, rather than having a boyfriend because otherwise I feel alone or feel like no one else would want me. No good to me nor to the person I'm with.

I'm now focusing on my priorities, facing things cautiously and taking time to decide what I want. I came to the age of -almost yay!- 22, and I think it's time to look a bit at the future and try to give it at least a shape.
That's why I'm feeling way to excited to my new adventure that will probably, fingers crossed, begin in mid september - early october: I'm moving to Milan for my postgraduate courses, and for me, it's a massive change.

 I know it can sound a bit silly, or a bit 'too much' for just a university experience, but it has meant a lot to me, both from the academic and personal point of view. 
And now, back to Jamie Oliver website, my stomach is rumbling and I have a dinner to prepare!

Lucia xxx


  1. Congrats on graduating! A post graduate in Milan sounds amazing, university really does pass by in a flash doesn't it? Mad to think this will be me next July! x

    The Little Things

  2. I'm so proud of you, you know that.
    I was so happy to be there with you.
    You became such an amazing woman and I still remember you as a child with so many dreams.
    I know you're gonna be great.
    Love u <3


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