Thursday, August 01, 2013

Adventures in the kitchen #2: Yorkshire pudding

Hello busy summer bees,
as I got up  this morning I realised that 1st of August can only mean one thing: Yorkshire day!
Lover of yorkshire tea, yorkshire puddings and Yorkshire itself, it seemed the perfect occasion to throw myself into proper celebration and set free my inner baking side.

Since a good brew of yorkshire tea required just a hot boiling water cup, I thought that probably Yorkshire puddings would be more exciting and challenging.

The recipe is almost fool proof and, I hope, self explanatory:

 Enjoy with the finest cuppa of yorkshire tea you have!




  1. Hahaha.....lovely and funny faces, you look so cute ;D!! Those puddings seem to be so yummy and delicious, and the way you explain how to make to do them, is PERFECT! Great blog :)
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  2. Lucia oh my gosh this looks so good :)
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  3. Love this post!
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  5. These look amazing! Love the way that this post is layout as well, loving your blog!xx <-- if anyone has a moment, please check out our blog - would make our day!xx

  6. These look pretty mastered
    I find them really hard to get right x

  7. Yami^^

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  8. I live in Yorkshire! and like yorkshire puddings but have never attempted to make them. Might have to earmark your recipe for future reference :)

    Dannielle | Chic-a-Dee

  9. Lovely recipes! The food look so yummy (: I'm totally trying it out! Do you mind if we follow each other ? Do let me know on my blog (: xx

  10. Ooh, these look so yummy! Love the fun photos btw ahaha (:

    Natalie | Salt & Sail

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  13. Looks delicious honey! How I wish I know how to baked! Mind to follow each other? Let me know! I'd return the love pronto! x


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