Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Travelling Diaries #2: Salento

This summer I felt like I needed a well deserved pause. Escaping somewhere with a good bunch of friends seemed the best plan for an after-graduation time.
Easily done than said this time: one week in Salento host by my friend's family. 
Off we went by car, an incredibly eight hours long drive to southest part of Italy, but yes, that was well worth it.

Warmest people ever, beautiful places, wonderful beaches, quiet and not so turistical places and the clearest water you could ever wish for. That's how I picture ideal seaside in my mind.

You can find the tiniest and quaintest villages, with breath taking views and loads of gourmandides (-oh haaai few pounds- but that was absolutely worth every single bite ).

We even slept on the beach, watching falling stars ( -10 in a night!), waited for the sunrise and then off to the nearest bar for a chocolate pasticciotto for breakfast!



  1. These pictures are simply gorgeous!!! Wow. Enjoyed! :)

  2. sooooo pretty xx


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