Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thankful Thursday - Milan Edition

It's been a weird year, that's how I like to define it. I thought that a thankful Thursday could help me finding the good in a year that made me step back a little, close like a hedgehog, and lose my confidence in every sphere of my life. I have complaint enough, and I'm sick of it. I need to close this chapter with a smile. Since my family and the Boy say I need to find my self esteem again, -apparently this messed up everything else- and I seriously miss being super busy and a life lover, I figured out that this year brought many things, amongst all the things it brought, I should be grateful for.

 Milano, you've been the nicest of surprises. Everyone keeps asking if it's stressful living here. No, it's absolutely not. It's a big city, yes, but I can easily picture myself living here (and I've always been a home-in-the-countryside kind of gal) because in each quarter,district or whatever you want to call it, you find a sort of 'village dimension'. You know your neighbors, you become friend with the barman of the bar just around the corner, the shop ladies at the super market know you and I can go on forever. And Milano offers so much. In terms of museums, art galleries and anything cultural you can desire. But what I like most, is that it gives you things to see, to be amazed by, just by walking down the street on your evening stroll. Or on your way to uni. Or on your way to the metro station (the down side picture is the famous 'Navigli', on my way to the metro station). If you want to be a real explorer, like The Boy loves, there are tons of hidden gems and secret stories for every metre of street.I'm also grateful for Ladurée -salted caramel macarons feast, for the gym I went for 3 months (yeah, me at the gym sounds total bonkers, I know. And I managed to faint too), for the Christmas markets, for my favourite California Bakery in Via Larga -the one with the fairy lights back garden, for the Tirolese-German Restaurant two minutes away from the Boy home, and the aperitivi - a proper dinner in Milan.

How easy peasy is to reach amazing places:
 What you need is a car. And approximately one or two hours. If you haven't a car -like I didn't- you can rent one. By train is possible too (not sure about Varese Lake -last two pics on the right- since it's a bit far from the centre of Varese). We crossed the boarder and headed to Lugano for the 1st May bank holiday, and it took approx two hours to enjoy that lovely city (first picture), and earlier this year on my way to Varese Aermacchi with uni friends, we stopped to pay a visit to this little gem at the sunset.

My forlivesi had been a real rock, a distant one, but the gave me something to look forward to. A chance to be a tourist again when they came for the weekend, and the nicest night out in Milan in ages. What can I say for the little face on the right. She made my Milanese days brighter, sleepover funnier. And she makes the best breakfast ever (point out, she made me love marmite, and she re-lighted my love flame for weetabix). We shared an incredible amount of cakes and teas at the California bakery, I made her discover Sushi at Hanabi, we watched Graham Norton shows, About Time for the tenth time, we discussed how Rachel McAdams deserve a top position in the Top 5, and we made pizza one night. From scratch. Oh, and for tea she brings peanut butter chocolate chips cookies. Home made. I mean, if she isn't someone to be thankful she's in your life, I don't who can be.

 I get to the cheesy, soppy part. He's my rock, my best friend and also my boyfriend. Just to throw it out there. And in this year, he managed wonderfully juggling these three bloody hard tasks.
I'm thankful for Saturdays at the park, afternoon at 'Race Anatomy' at Sky Italia, for the the best night back bicycle ride, for the amount of ice creams we ate at the gelateria in Navigli, no matter the stomachache that would follow, for the crepes at midnight, for the free entrance theatre play at Politecnico, for the dinners and lunches we cooked, for the aubergines and basil rolls he introduced me to, for the nights spent watching old funny pictures, for the meteo programmes instead of the news, for cuddling up, for sleeping with all the blanket -or none at all, for Lugano, for Pavia and the Ferrari rides, for the hugs back from work and the F1 wii rides. For the biggest amount of sushi I've ever eaten. For my last minute appearance after an argument, and his sensibility. For the laughs, for the hugs, for the smile on his face and for my luck to have this little monkey on my side.

Obviously I'm also thankful for my parents, letting me living all this and caring about me from home.



  1. Beautiful photos,glad you enjoyed your stay there <3

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  2. By reading about Milan, it makes me want to go there even more :) xx Maja

  3. Your blog is so lovely! Milan looks so pretty, I've only ever been to Tuscany in Italy. I'd love it if you'd follow my blog, you've gained a new viewer :)xx

  4. would love to visit Milan, looks beautiful! x

  5. Hello lovely, thank you for the wonderful comment on my blog, I really appreciate it! :)

    Great post, thanks for sharing - gorgeous pictures, such a pretty city!!

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  6. Ah this is such a lovely positive post :) I've always wanted to visit Milan, it looks like such a well rounded city with so much to do!

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    ox Lucy


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