Monday, August 04, 2014

DIY | Sailor Knot Bracelets

I've been feeling quite crafty lately. It may be the pouring rain, it may be the suffocating heat wave coming straight after the storm, but  the thing is I'm enjoying my time at home in a less technology-ish way (and, believe me, I'm a tv junkie, especially for everything concerning One Born, Call the midwives, or anything by Agatha Christie. Call me wild).
So, this afternoon, I turned off the telly, and decided to make a little piece of 'jewellery'.

The idea came from my forthcoming departure for the Great North (read: Scandinavia) where I'll be attending my last year of university. I wanted something to give The Boy and my bestie F to remind them of our special relation-friend ship.
So the knot explains the idea of bond and connection, while the airplane can be seen as a symbol of travelling or something to remind them of me, since what I study is basically air and airplanes.

Start by cutting the cord depending on your wrist diameter and how many strands you want. I went for two.

Make one, or more, knot in the center. I opted for a sailor one: once done it resembled a sort of infinity symbol, perfect for my purpose. You can go for fancier ones, but in this case, I learnt how to sailor knotting here.

Insert the pendants. I put one in between the two knots, for my best F, and near the clamp for The Boy (I felt that for a man, the pendant should be more hidden).

Measure it around your wrist and cut the excess.

If you decided for the one strand, you can easily knot a loop on one end of the bracelet (I did that also for a two strands one, for the Bestie F one), or glue or clamp the ends and attach the lobster clasps using the jump rings. My very personal advice is, if you can, avoid the glue or the mastic. I'm very messy and clumsy, so I don't really count, but I find that the reliability of the glue option is not huge. Clamp it if you can.

This is the one for my best friend. Two knots and a knot loop to close it.



  1. This is a really cool idea for your friend and boyfriend, I love the airplane charm! - Tasha xxx

  2. That's such a cute idea! Homemade gifts are the best! xx

  3. lovely idea, I'll have to get my craft on;)

  4. What a lovely idea! The result is really pretty :)

    xx Mimmi, Muted Mornings

  5. Lovely idea :) Looks really pretty!

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